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About the National Fire Codes® Subscription Service All Access
NFCSS All Access provides each individual subscriber with online access to current and previous editions of nearly 300 NFPA® codes and standards, NFPA Handbooks and Annotated Editions. Handbooks and Annotated Editions contain full code text, commentary written by experts, examples of correct code applications in specific situations, and hundreds of photos, tables, diagrams and charts to help clarify code concepts and eliminate confusion. NFCSS All Access helps assure complete, confident compliance!
An NFCSS All Access subscription includes:
•Every NFPA code and standard online and in PDF for offline access
•Annotated Editions online and in PDF
•Every NFPA Handbook online
•State codes in PDF
•Searchable Annual Code Set in PDF
•User Notes:  Add personalized notes to remember questions or project details for future reference
•Bookmarks:  Add bookmarks to the content you refer to most often
•Email capabilities:  Subscribers can share content with colleagues via email.  The recipient will have 48-hour access to that code content
•Interactive search:  Enter a keyword or phrase in the search box located in the toolbar to find specific content
•Easy navigation:  Access code information through an advanced title search, collapsible table of contents, or tool bar arrows for access to chapters and sections
•Print options:  Print entire code chapters or sections-with or without tables and graphics-or graphics alone
•RSS feed for web alerts anytime changes occur
•PDF downloads of Handbooks at a highly discounted rate-specifically for All  Access subscribers
NFPA develops, publishes, and disseminates nearly 300 consensus-based codes and standards intended to protect lives and property from the effects of fire and other risks. Virtually every building, process, service, design, and installation in U.S. society, and indeed throughout the world, is affected by NFPA documents.



""One of the things we like about (NFCSS) in addition to being up-to-date all the time is the fact that we can use the search engine and get appropriate hits on standards and codes that can apply."...
Ron Hein
Consulting Property Director
CNA Insurance
Chicago, IL

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